February/March 2021 67 1 35 IT BREAKS MY HEART TO SELL THIS BOAT A few years ago, when it was still legal to catch and release big stripers, I was on a roll for about two weeks in late April. The tide, fish, weather and luck, all played a part in my catching and releasing big stripers. (Absolutely fresh bunker played the major roll in this.) Everyone around me, knowing I was not the superman I once was, kept a close eye on me. This particular fish took a half hour to get to the boat and then I never would have gotten it in the boat if Frank Russo, from another boat had not jumped in mine and netted the fish. I was absolutely exhausted! 21 ft Shamrock, ready for the water, on trailer, scrubbed up, clean as a whistle. Just put a coat of bottom paint on it and drop it in. Complete, drop down curtains, 3999. AS Is WHere is! John H. Vargo, Publisher [email protected] 845 401 2699