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Sunday, 28 August 2016 18:02

Rowing On The River

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by Allynne Lange, Curator, Hudson River Maritime Museum

Before boats had engines, rowing was often the way people travelled for short distances over water. In New York Harbor fast rowing boats called Whitehalls were developed to speed people, messages, and small amounts of freight around the harbor.

Saturday, 27 August 2016 17:55

Newport Boat Show 2016

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One of the largest in-water boat shows in the country and the premier show in New England, the Newport International Boat Show encompasses over 13 acres and will host hundreds of exhibitors from around the world with new powerboats and sailboats ranging from 16 to 100 feet, plus a variety of accessories, equipment, electronics, gear and services for boaters. To accommodate the growing number of exhibitors this year, Newport Exhibition Group is adding more docks to the North and South side of the marina.

Friday, 26 August 2016 17:39

Annsville Creek to Popolopen Creek

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This Spring/early Summer has been one of the best starts to our canoeing season in a long time. We’ve visited a lot of creeks that dump into the Hudson: the Rondout, Wappingers, Fishkill, and, Stony Creek that dumps into Tivoli Bays. Most have been featured, or mentioned, in this magazine.

Wednesday, 24 August 2016 17:30

Talk About a Wonderful Fun Filled Afternoon

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The Shattemuc Yacht Club in Ossining, NY was something to behold on Saturday August 6, 2016! At the 2016 Shattemuc Yacht Club Plein Air Paint Out, 35 amateur and professional artists painted, sculpted and photographed Hudson River scenes from the beautiful wraparound porch of the clubhouse, the docks of the marina, the deck of the pool and the Shattemuc beach. By 3:00, 35 works of art were displayed for all to see in anticipation of the 5 PM auction.



The Hudson River Pilots’ Association is the group of state and federally licensed mariners responsible for serving the pilotage needs of vessels on the Hudson River. The recent issue of the proposed Hudson River anchorages has become quite controversial.

In reading through the comments regarding the proposed Hudson River anchorage areas, it is clear that there is a public misconception about the purpose, importance and history of these anchorage areas.


Wednesday, 10 August 2016 20:47

Ask Dr. Gel - August 2016

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What is “Gelcoat Mil Thickness” on a boat?

Why is it important?

Gelcoat is a material used to provide a high-quality durable finish on the surface of a boat.The most common gelcoats are made with polyester resin. Gelcoats are modified resins which are applied to molds in its liquid state. The manufactured component, when sufficiently cured and removed from the mold, resulting in the gelcoated surface. This is pigmented to provide a colored, glossy surface which improves the aesthetic appearance of the boat.
Gelcoats are designed to protect the boat, make it attractive, be durable, and provide resistance to ultraviolet degradation and hydrolysis. A much better
choice than paint......READ FULL ARTICLE


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