The 68 Foot Pelican

Commercial Kitchen
Large Spacious Top Deck with Ample Seating
Spacious Interior with Commercial A/C
Bow Sundeck Seating
Accommodate up to 50 guests
(3) Bathrooms
Coast Guard Inspected

  • Fall Cruises
  • Religious Groups
  • Personalized Attention To Your Every Need
  • Corporate Charters

Serving The Hudson River 20 Miles North &
South Of The Mario Cuomo Bridge

Filling Up Fast!

For More Info Call:
(When Calling Mention “Promotion Pelican”)
John H. Vargo: 845.401.2699
Robert Zampino: 845.304.3260
Robert Walters: 914.513.7354

The 68 Foot Pelican
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