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Wednesday, 29 November 2017 16:54

Lakefront Living at its Finest

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lakefront living

Scott Rajeski is a living, breathing answer to the trivia question “name someone who has worked for the Big 3 of Capital Region manufacturing companies, GE, Momentive and GLOBALFOUNDRIES.” He also is the CFO for Latham Pool Products and former Chairman of the Chamber of Southern Saratoga County. He can now add Saratoga Lake homeowner to the list, because as visitors to the recent Saratoga Showcase of Homes found out, Scott has had an amazing house built overlooking one of the most beautiful of upstate New York lakes.

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sustainable shipping

Since ancient times the Hudson River’s primary use has been the transport and trade of locally sourced products and food. It has since become an multiple use waterway with international stature as a recreational, industrial, commercial, cultural and environmental resource. Commercial transportation continues to be one of the major uses of our magnificent Hudson River Once carried on by manually powered craft and later by the fleet of legendary Hudson River sloops and followed by steam powered vessels.

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Although its waters are far less than crystal clear, the Hudson River is an essential part of keeping Poughkeepsie residents happy and healthy.

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Sunday, 26 November 2017 16:27

Let’s Talk About B-24 Liberators

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In the 2016 Boating on the Hudson and Beyond Holiday issue I described my flight in the Collings Foundation B-17G NINE 0 NINE. After the flight I joined the Foundation, and and in the May 2017 Boating...and Beyond I described the World War II stories of both the “real” NINE 0 NINE and the B-17G that eventually became the Collings’ NINE 0 NINE.

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Some of the best memories are created on the water and if you’ve been thinking about buying a boat or trading up to a newer model, THIS is the show. The Great Upstate Boat Show is the biggest boating sales
event between New York City and Montreal.

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Friday, 24 November 2017 17:13

About the Cover...

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Lex Filipowski was at his father house recently and found this fascinating 1934 magazine called Science and Mechanics. I have always been interested in the future and actually have a number of patents based on my ideas. (And many more that I never tried to file for or I failed at) However that is another long, long story.

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