A 60 lb Striped Bass, for sure a New York State Record, was caught on May 14, 2014 at 9;30 AM by Eric Lester fo Goshon, NY.

Eric was fishing by himself just south of the I84 Bridge, Newburgh/Beacon Bridge in thirty feet of water, drifting a blood worm at 15 feet. The huge fish just grabbed his bait an took off.  It took Eric a half hour to tire the fish out, bring him along side his boat where he reached down, grabbed the huge fish behind his gill and hoisted him aboard.
Upon bringing him in to Riverfront Marina, in Newburgh, the dockmasters, Jamie and luanne, brought out a dock cart, broght the fish into shore and filled the cart with ice from Billy Joe’s Restaurant.
I was called and got to Newburgh in 20 minutes from Peekskill.  We found a scale that was certified at Reliable Recycling on Williams St., In Newburgh.
After the official weghin, Eric brought the fish home.  He is having a taxidermist take care of the new record for all to see.
Congradulations to Eric Lester, I am sure there are bigger stripers in the Hudson River.
John H. Vargo, Publisher  (It could not have happened to a nicer guy)