HAMILTON…The Musical, The Inspiration

by Vicky Ziluck

Hamilton, An American Musical, opened August 6, 2012 on Broadway in The Richard Rodgers Theatre. By September 9th Ivey and I had seen it three times. Ivey’s cousin & my dear friend took us to see our first show Aug. 12 and we absolutely loved it! We were blown away not only by the concept but the performances and music. I was dancing in my seat to music I had never heard before… And I’m a tough customer 🙂 For days after we couldn’t stop singing the songs; the problem was the soundtrack wasn’t out yet and we could only remember the hooks. We had to see it again and a week later we were back in the theatre, anxiously awaiting the start of the show. This time we were in the mezzanine (we had previously sat in the orchestra) and were now able to see every aspect; down to the lighting on the stage floor.