http://www.boatingonthehudson.com/flippingbook/2015/nov/Articles/A-Tale-of-Two-Mustangs.pdfby Ralph J. Ferrusi

 I read Sarina Houston’s Why the P-51 is Still the Most Beoved Airplane at the Air Show (Boating on the Hudson and Be- yond, August 2015, pp. 74, 75) with great interest. Sarina nailed it. I’ve been a “Mustang nut” for as far back as I can remember. In my opinion, it’s the most perfect airplane ever to take to the skies. Sure, the Corsair’s cool, and I admire 747’s, C-130 Hercules, C-47/DC-3’s, B-17’s/B-24’s, but, for whatever reasons, the North American P-51D Mustang holds a very special place in my heart,Not a helluva lot of people get THIS view of a P-51.

 A thought: whenever any of the above admirable planes take off, balls to the wall, they ROAR, very loudly. Big radial engines, or big jet engines, ROAR. The short-stacked V-12 Merlin growls and snarls… It’s a sound like no other that I have ever heard, and a sound, for what- ever deep, mysterious reasons, I can’t get enough of… You Mustang nuts know what I’m talking about.      READ MORE